About Our Company

Established 1965

Quality Racking, Shelving, Mezzanine Floors & Storage Solutions

We take pride in each and every shelving, racking, mezzanine floor and locker that we manufacture, and it only leaves the factory once it has our stamp of approval.

With over 50 years’ in the business, that stamp of approval means our quality is guaranteed. Each and every one of our products has been refined and perfected over the years, allowing your goods to be stored safely and securely, in the most effective and efficient way possible.

What We Do


KROST Shelving and Racking offers a wide variety of racking to suit your needs. Looking for the perfect platform on which to display your products? Searching for an easy storage place that allows those needed items to be close at hand?


Herein lies the beauty of our products: we manufacture our shelving solutions in all sizes and various shapes, so they are able to bear the weight of light, medium and heavy duty goods, and do so effortlessly in all contexts, whether for retail or warehouse purposes.


Mezzanine Floors enable the full working height of a building to be utilised to the maximum by doubling the surface area. Mezzanine Floors can be used as storage areas, fabrication areas, packing areas and offices among many other uses.


Krost Shelving and Racking has been consistently locking up the competition when it comes to helping you lock up your goods. Our lockers are of the highest quality with several unique features that set us firmly at the top of the podium in the locker and storage lockers game.

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